Benefits of living in the countryside

Considering trading in your city life for a slower pace in the countryside? It’s a decision many dream of, but comparatively fewer actually make.

In case you’re on the fence, not quite sure if moving to the countryside is the right choice for you or your family, here are eight benefits of living in the countryside that might help sway you to a more secluded way of life.

Embrace a Slower Pace of Life

The city is inherently a busy place, with an endless stream of options for what to do, where to go, and when to do it.

But living in the countryside is a bit different. Shops are further way, for example, and require planning and intentionality.

It may seem like a luxury that you can just hop down to the corner shop in the city at any time, but this convenience also adds complexity. Living in the country, you’ll need to plan your errands trips in advance — but you’ll make far fewer of them.

People living in the countryside simply have fewer things screaming at them for attention, allowing them to slow down and enjoy life, not feel like they’re always trying to keep up.

Lower Cost of Living

When you live where everyone else wants to live, you pay a premium for it. Typically, moving to the countryside involves a lower overall cost of living. Property costs are lower, as are some resources and even retail prices. There are trade-offs, of course: you’ll spend more on travel, and certain items might not be as quickly or as easily available. But on average, you’ll likely be able to live better on less in the country than in the city.

No Traffic or Crowds

If you grow frustrated by city traffic or by crowds of people, you’ll enjoy one of the best benefits of living in the countryside: peace and quiet. Out here, there are no crowds to worry about. Gridlocked traffic isn’t even possible.

Less Noise

When you buy a property in the countryside, you also escape the noise of the city. Out in the countryside, it’s just you, your family, and perhaps some distant neighbors or the occasional drive-by auto.

For people who value peace and quiet, the countryside can be an ideal escape.

Increased Safety and Decreased Crime

If you’re concerned about safety or crime, then living in the countryside could be a significant step up. Crime tends to congregate where people do, so just by the numbers, you’re less likely to be near it if you’re living in relative seclusion in the countryside.

More Space (Inside and Out)

Cramped flats in the city may provide convenience and proximity, but they rarely provide much space (not to mention any kind of yard, green space, or property).

When you move to the countryside, you often get more square footage for your money. And, of course, you get property: green space for your yard, garden, farming operation, or whatever you want to use it for (within reason and according to your property rights, at least).

Imagine: owning multiple acres of usable land in addition to a sizable home — all for similar cost to a home in the city.

Cleaner Air

When you move away from industrial areas, you move toward cleaner air in most cases. Cities, with their factories, industrial sites, and automobile emissions, tend to be filled with more pollutants than the countryside.

You know this intuitively if you’ve visited: there’s a difference in the air. You can enjoy that difference every day when you move from the city to the country.

Greater Opportunities for Physical Activity

When you have space to roam, you have greater access to physical activity. Most people who move to the country do so in search of space for a hobby or activity of some sort, and your country home can give you access to this.

Living in the countryside isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of benefits to doing so. If you’re considering making the switch, check out the property at Uvie Farm.


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