Small farm for sale


Small farm for sale

If you’re looking to escape the hectic pace and busy rhythms of life in the city, you’re not alone. While the major cities in Scotland and the UK have their own charms, perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that the stresses aren’t worth the advantages.

One great alternative to city life is moving into the countryside. But where exactly should you look for a small farm for sale, and what should you expect if considering purchasing an existing small farm?

Anyone considering moving from the city to the countryside should consider these questions at the beginning of their journey.

Working Farms vs. Dormant Farms

The first question to ask is whether you would prefer purchasing a working farm or farmland that’s dormant.

Buying a working farm has many benefits, chief among them a source of income. Uvie Farm, for example, includes a small, sustainable farm breeding and raising Pedigree Highland Cattle (hairy highland cows). Interested buyers can take on the existing cattle operation— or sublet out the farming component to an interested operator.

If you’ve always had a penchant for gardening or for husbandry, looking for a small farm for sale could be the perfect outlet for your hobby—especially if you find a working farm that aligns with your interests.

Buying a dormant or fallow farm, on the other hand, can be an exciting way to rebuild your farm according to your own preferences. But the trade-off here tends to be a greater amount of work required to get the farm operational.

Home on the Property or Land Alone

The next question to pursue is whether you’d prefer to purchase a small farm with an existing home on the property (or even multiple accommodations). Again, buying land alone provides more of a blank slate, allowing you to customize your home with no constraints (beyond your budget and labour considerations).

But buying an existing small farm for sale that has one or more homes on the property can be an easier path toward the relaxed life you crave. Of course, not every small farm for sale has a home on property that lives up to your expectations. But there are plenty of hidden gems out there.

Uvie Farm contains not one but two accommodations: a primary residence named The Roundhouse, and a secondary space called The Crofthouse. Both are built in eco-conscious styles and methods and provide luxurious accommodations for you (plus your guests or renters).

Uvie Farms Is Your Small, Sustainable, Working Escape to the Country

If your ideal escape to the country includes a working farm and an established home (or two!), Uvie Farms is worthy of your consideration.

Situated along the western end of Cairngorms National Park in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, Uvie Farms is an active hairy highland cattle farm with 44 acres of grass, water, woodland + roads, fences gates, troughs and wells. It’s being sold with all buildings, equipment, and cattle (if desired) in place and includes two spacious accommodations that both feature simply stunning views of Cairngorms National Park.

We realise, of course, that cattle farming isn’t for everyone. Uvie Farms has plenty to offer beyond cattle. The farming property itself is stunningly picturesque and well situated above the floodplain of the River Spey, perfect for redevelopment for your next venture.

The property could be well suited for any of these:

Writer’s retreat
Tea plantation
Yoga retreat
Trekking centre
Wildlife tours
Eco village

The only limits are your own imagination!

Stunning Highland Views

Whether you want to escape the city for a private, isolated, beautiful retreat, you’re interested in finding a new life as a cattle farmer, or you’re looking for an idyllic locale for your next venture, Uvie Farms is worth a visit.

For more information on Uvie farms and to schedule a visit to the property, get in touch with Roy using the ‘Contact The Owner’ button on this page.


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